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Dog Grooming


Shower with massage (using pet massage gloves), 

shampoo left on for 15 minutes (timed) for best benefits,


Ears cleaned.with product - ear hair trimmed

Nails clipped and/or dremeled.

Sanitary shaving around butt, groin area, back of thigh if needed/desired.


Single-coat dogs (dogs that need haircuts) receive haircut (clippers, scissors).  Paw Pads clipped.


Double-coated dogs receive two furminator treatments - one before bath and one after HV blow-out.  Paw Pads clipped if necessary.


We will clip shave double-coated dogs upon client request.  

Pick-up and drop off available for $20 extra for clients within 15 minute drive.



Grooming appointments are stress-free at our state-of-the-art salon featuring a hydraulic grooming table, a powerful HV pet dryer for blowing out the undercoat of double-coated large dogs, a less powerful pet dryer for our smaller clients, a doggy shower with non-slip river rock pebble floor and massage/pulse shower wand, Dyson air-purifier with heat/cooling, and top of the line grooming products.  


Our furry clients enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.   We don't use cages (unless clients tell us their dog is normally crated and feels more secure in one) for less stress, and dogs have access to water and treats (if allowed).  


If you have more than one dog in your family you can make an appointment for all of them at the same time - they will feel better with their friends around.  If there are overlapping appointments, we have another room so your dog will not be in nose-to-nose contact with a dog that is not a family member.

We (Carolyn and Henry) work as a team, so if you have an older dog that has trouble standing up, we can work with that.






Prices for full grooming are based on breed and size, condition of coat and dog's temperament.  

Single-coat dogs (hair grows - needs haircut) range from $55 - $100 depending on size (10-100 lbs) and breed.   

Double coated dogs that get 2 furminator treatments and HV blow-out range from $55-$100 depending on size and breed (10-100 lbs).  

Clipping/shaving double-coated dogs will be $10-20 more depending on size, since furminator treatments must be done in addition to clipping for even results.  (For example lion-cut on Pomeranian.).  Shaping with scissors or shaving sanitary area with clippers is not an extra charge and is part of the full grooming.

Payment by cash, check, venmo or all major credit cards.  


6% sales tax collected for grooming service.Please call for more specific information about pricing.  

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