Dog Grooming

Grooming appointments are made on a one-dog-at-a-time basis at our state-of-the-art salon featuring a hydraulic grooming table (heavy pets will not be lifted on and off the table, which is not only good for my back but safer for your pet), a powerful HV pet dryer for de-shedding large dogs, a less powerful pet dryer for our smaller clients, and a doggy shower with non-slip river rock pebble floor and massage/pulse shower wand.  Most importantly - no cages- for less stress for your dog.  Your dog will not be caged and will be given as many breaks as he/she needs, to try to make the grooming process as relaxing as possible.  At any sign of apprehension I will let the dog roam around and relax for a bit before continuing.  I find this builds trust with the dog that he/she will be treated gently and with kindness. Also, after doing the sanitary (shaving the butt) your dog will be taken for a walk immediately after that (and before the bath) because I have found 9 times out of 10 the dog has the urge to poop after shaving around its butt.

I aim for total satisfaction, and in addition to standard breed cuts will attempt to do variations in cuts you desire.  For non-cut breeds, where clients want help with getting rid of undercoat, I treat undercoat both before and after bathing to get the most undercoat out from the coat in a gentle manner.  For clients that desire with non-cut breeds I can do shave downs - which are Iparticularly helpful before summer beach / lake vacations.    

Nail painting and hair dying (for fun) is also available for the adventurous! 

Prices listed below are estimates, but I will keep costs as low as possible and will only add cost if there is an excessive amount of time needed due to coat condition.  Dematting is subject to additional charge of $20/hour.  If your dog is very matted I will always recommend shaving at that point (shaving does not mean bald! - and I will still make a cute cut!) because matts are painful every time the dog moves - trying to comb them out is extremely painful.  Shaving them out is the least painful option.  Of course if your dog is groomed regularly and has some matts that can be brushed out to save the coat - that can be done as long as the dog will tolerate it.


Grooming begins with a blueberry facial (shampoo product specifically for canine face to brighten) and massage with shampoo and conditioner to calm and relax your dog.  Shampoo is left on for five minutes while I clean ears so that emollients can work on the dirt in dog hair and clean dog the nest.  Additional massage with conditioner in our non-slip pebble-floor dog shower also help to relax your dog and (hopefully) sense  they are in a friendly environment. 


Groomings include ears cleaned, nails cut (dremeled available for additional $5 and only if dog tolerates), pads trimmed, sanitary shave, bath and blow-out.  Fragrance and bandana/bow.  Long Coated Dogs also get haircut.  Dogs that shed get undercoat brushed out with Furminator brush, carding knife, stone, various other tools to help reduce shedding.  Pick-up and drop off available for $20 extra for clients within 15 minute drive. 

Payment by cash, check, venmo or all major credit cards.  6% sales tax collected for grooming service.

American Eskimo (Toy or Mini)   $60

Australian Shepherd. $80

Australian Terrier  $55

Basset Hound $55

Bichon Frise. $55

Border Collie. $70

Brittany Spaniel  $65

Cairn Terrier. $60

Cavalier. $55

Chihuahua, Long haired. $55

Cockapoo  $65

Cocker Spaniel. $65

Corgi  $60 (includes full Furminator Treatment*)

Dachshund, Long/Wire haired. $55

Doodles. $80-100 (under 80 lbs); $100-130 (81-110 lbs) - depending on coat

Flat Coat Retriever $70

Golden Retriever $80-100 (under 90 lbs)

$ 100-130 (91-110 lbs) (includes full Furminator Treatment*)

German Shepherd and all breeds in which owners want descending $80 (under 80 lbs) $90-$130 (81-110 lbs) (includes full Furminator Treatment*)

Havanese $55

Jack Russell Terrier (rough) $55

Japanese Chin. $55

Labrador retriever $70

(Full FURminator Treatment - no clipping)

Lhasa Apso $55

Lhasapoo $60

Lowchen $60

Maltese $55

Maltipoo $60

Morkie $60

Papillon $55

Pekingese $55

Pomeranian $55

Poodle (mini or toy) $65

Poodle (standard) $80

Portuguese Water Dog $80

Schnauazer (mini) $65

Schnauazer (standard) $80

Scottish Terrier $65

Shetland Sheepdog $80 (includes full Furminator Treatment*)

Shih Tzu $55

Siberian Husky $80 (includes full Furminator Treatment*)

West Highland Whte Terrier $55

Wheaten Terrier $80

Wire Fox Terrier $55

Yorkiepoo $60

Yorkshire terrier $55

*Full FURminator Treatment:  

We have lots of tools up our sleeve to help rid double-coat dogs of undercoat;  Slicker brushes, carding tools, steel comb, Furminator brush - Half-hour to two hours of brushing may be necessary depending on size of dog.  

A technique combining de-shedding shampoo  with our powerful High Velocity dryer may also be utilized for dogs with a lot of undercoat.

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