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Dog walking using "Doggy Logs" app - you can track where your dog walks and when they pee/poop!  


We will arrive at your home every day at a scheduled time/ times to walk your dog/dogs in your backyard or around your neighborhood, your choice.  With our Doggy Logs GPS app so you can be certain exactly when your dog/dogs were tended to and see the route of their walk.  We can send pictures and notes through the Doggy Log app as well. 

$20 per half-hour walk.  No charge for second dog, unless they need to be walked separately.


If you have an enclosed yard, and your dog does not go for a traditional "walk" we can give your dog exercise by ball-throwing, etc.  

Payment by cash, venmo, check or all major credit cards.

For Active Dogs, Puppies - or Overweight Dogs

that would benefit from some exercise...

Afternoon/Evening Dog Run (between 5:00-6:30)

$20 for hour run/walk in Ridley Park (your dog may be gone for two hours total as we combine with picking up other dogs).

If you have a puppy or active dog that needs to get rid of energy, or an overweight dog that needs to lose weight - and you want to schedule an exercise session on an afternoon, perhaps when you will be home late - we will pick up your dog, and perhaps a few more dogs and drive to Ridley Park.  Once we arrive the hour long run or walk (running or walking depending on the dog, of course) begins - and when you get home you will find a happy dog - that is hopefully a bit tired - or at least a more calm...  We will bring plenty of fresh water and text you a picture of your doggie at the park!

Dog Walking Prices

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